I introduce myself to you

Born in the southern part of Switzerland, I spend my childhood at the feet of the Alps near Lugano’s lake.

After the gymnasium  I moved to Zurich for my studies at the ETH Zurich and finished them in Ticino by the SUPSI Manno as Informatics engineer. I had the chance to work a few months as assistant then I got a job offer in Zurich and I started working as technical consultant for Motive Inc. I traveled24751_376879676386_533451386_3740944_6840910_n around the world and worked for many customers (BT, Telecom Italy, Swisscom, Saudi Telecom and more) where I covered roles as developer, trainer, deployment manager, QA lead as well as technical leader.

Motive got acquired by Alcatel Lucent and therefore I continued delivering my service as before but for a different company.

After 4 years I decided to search new incentives and I changed to a new company: Steria Schweiz AG, where  I’m engaged as software developer and consultant.

285498_10150250932001387_533451386_7528904_5737553_nDuring my spare time I work on http://www.pontetresa.ch, I go to the cinema and I practice sports.

In my sportive career I did the Zurich marathon, the Triathlon in Locarno as well as the “Trittico” (bike marathon) across the Alps.

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