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Last Snow Week End on the mountains

Past week end I had the chance to enjoy a fresh 40cm snow-powder on the alps, here follows a list of breathtaking pictures I took and it will start from the view by exiting the car in Andermatt parking place, the weather was just great and the sun shining like in summer.

Nätschen parking place

The best place to snowboard in that location is situated between Sedrun and Andermatt, is called Oberalp and it is probably one of the most beautiful location in the alps.


To reach it you need to take the Bernina Express which in half hour brings you on the roof of the alps.

Bernina Express


While ascending with this rack railway you can enjoy the view of the Gemstock, one of the most difficult ski place in Switzerland.


The train proceeds thru the valley of the Oberalp and the landscape is something that take you the breath away.


Here is a picture of the train station by Oberalp Pass this is one of the train stop of the Bernina Express.

Oberalp train station

After a 3 minutes uphill walk that is the mountain landscape that has been presented to my eyes.

Oberalp train station

On the right you can see the restaurant which lays on top of the train station… For me that was just a speechless landscape!

Looking to the other side of the valley you can appreciate the beauty of the nature. Fresh, untouched powder that later I surfed with my board.

Ski lift start

I managed to arrive on top of the mountain, at the beginning with the Ski lift and then on foot, the panorama was just wonderful.

Top of the Oberalp

And after a whole day spent surfing the fresh snow I went back to Nätschen (Andermat ski field) and I boarded back to my car.





I hope you will enjoy the pictures and the mountain spirit of the alps.

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